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Butterbean Organics - all natural and organic sunscreen for the whole family

It feels like I have been trying to find the right sunscreen for my kids since they were born. One of my boys had super sensitive skin as a baby and toddler & sunscreen always made his cheeks dry and flaky. While there is a variety of slightly less chemical options on the market, it’s a whole different story if you’re not only looking for natural ingredients, but also care about the packaging. Butterbean Organics skincare products are made of 100% natural, certified organic ingredients and come in refillable aluminium bottles/pots or paperboard sticks. Aluminium is much easier to recycle than standard plastic bottles and no micro plastic particles are leaked into the product and the water.

Although summer is slowly coming to an end, I will be keeping these pots and refill* them for the next trip.

"As parents, we are our children’s advocates. Helping them to be the best they can starts with what goes into and in this case on their bodies. Since the skin is the largest organ, I wanted a product that would be safe for my 10 year old down to my baby. The ingredients I have chosen are grown and processed with respect for people and the planet. The coconut oil is of such high quality that it can be (and is) eaten raw. The Shea butter is certified organic and fair trade. I use non-nano zinc oxide that has been tested to be a safe particle size.

Butterbean is dedicated to providing chemical-free and effective products in a way that compliment both the people that use them and the environment that they are used in. It is up to us to distill our interdependence on nature into the everyday choices we make."

- Summer, founder of Butterbean

- Certified Organic Ingredients

- Water and sweat resistant (to 80 minutes)

- Broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection

- Non-nano particle, uncoated pure zinc oxide

- Cruelty-free, reef safe, biodegradable

- Top rated by the Environmental Working Group

"The message of Butterbean is simple. It is about using healthy ingredients that protect the skin, while complimenting the relationship of people to their environment. Our whole body products are full of vitamins and antioxidant that effectively nourish and protect even the most sensitive skin. Making healthy choices in our everyday lives not only impacts our well-being, it also benefits our community and the environment. Good for people. Good for the planet."

- Summer, founder of Butterbean

* While I couldn't recommend this product highly enough, I also believe that living a more a sustainable life starts with buying products that are made and sold locally. The idea behind my "sustainable living" posts isn't to promote brands that give me free products, but much more to inspire people to look for alternatives when most of us (including myself) probably didn't know there were any. I get incredibly excited when I find small - in this case mum owned - brands, who care about us humans and the planet equally while also giving back to their local communities. I love sharing their products and stories, they fill me with hope that there are ways to live more in harmony with nature.



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