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I’m Julia.


Originally from Switzerland I travelled the world for many years working as a model before settling down in London in 2009. In 2014 my twin sons Finlay and Devon were born and like many new mums I started to look at my life differently, thinking about many aspects of it I had never questioned before.

Nutrition had interested me for some time, no longer travelling so much I especially enjoyed having a fully equipped kitchen where I could cook and bake whenever I felt like it. At this point I still occasionally ate meat and I certainly loved my cheese (being Swiss it was hard not too).

Once the boys started eating solids I put more and more thought into what went into their bodies and it wasn’t before long that I realised just how much more of the good stuff we all get out of a plant based diet. In fact I felt more and more uncomfortable to eat, feed and cook with animal products of any kind.

It was a steep learning curve, not only did I learn a huge amount about the impact of our diet on our own as well as the health of the planet, I was also shocked beyond words to discover the complete lack of animal welfare in both the meat and dairy industry. Going vegan was a huge eye opener and I haven't looked back, it has completely transformed my life.


I made it my mission to create recipes that are just as delicious as they are nutritious and which excite small and big people alike. Keeping all of us fit, healthy and happy, while treading lightly on the planet without causing harm to animals is what this blog is all about.

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