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Easter brownies – makes one tray

Easter is around the corner and I thought why not do a bit of creative baking/ decorating with the kids to get us all in the spirit - not that it takes much encouraging for a child to get in the mood for chocolate, but if it ends up making for a perfect afternoon activity then that’s a welcome bonus :-). This super easy brownie recipe is a winner all year round, I simply used a bunny shaped cookie cutter for a more seasonal look. Decorate with anything from sprinkles/ melted dark or white chocolate/ marzipan/ berries to eatable flowers – let the kids use their imagination! For me it gets too sweet quite quickly, which is why I love very dark chocolate and tend to use less sugar than you might find in other, similar recipes, but you can adapt this to your taste by choosing chocolate with a lower cacao content and/ or by adding a bit more sugar for those with a very sweet tooth.

What you need:

120g vegan butter

130g dark chocolate (I use 70-85%)

120g sugar

Pinch of salt (unless you use salted butter)

1.5tsp baking powder

2 chia eggs – 2tbsp chia sees mixed with 5tbsp water (set for approx. 20mins)

120g plain flower

How you do it:

Preheat your oven at 180C (top/bottom heat).

Mix chia seeds and water and let your chia eggs set.

In a small saucepan slowly melt chocolate and butter on low heat, stirring regularly.

While the chocolate is melting mix sugar, baking powder and salt in a bowl (make sure it’s big enough, you’ll add the other ingredients shortly).

Once the chocolate/butter mix has melted pour it into the sugar bowl and whisk everything using an electric whisk if you have one, otherwise a handheld whisk will work as well.

Check on your chia eggs and if they have the consistency of jelly add them to the chocolate mix and give everything another whisk.

Now slowly add the flower bit by bit (you can sieve it in to make extra sure no lumps are forming, although I find this isn’t necessary if using an electric whisk).

Give everything a good whisk until you have a smooth paste, then spread it onto a lined baking tray.

Now bake your big brownie for 15-20mins, it should still be a little soft to touch when you take it out as it will ‘dry’ a bit more while cooling down.

Wait until it’s completely cold before you start using any cookie cutters as it will crumble otherwise.

Get creative and enjoy the reward!



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