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Fruit granita

The original granita is probably the simplest summer refreshment I've ever come across, made from crushed ice, sugar and various flavourings it is best known in Italy, but equally loved in many other countries. Since nothing pleases me more than replacing a sugary treat with something just as satisfying and delicious - minus the sugar - but with added nutritional value like fibre and vitamins, I had to find a way to make healthy granita this summer. Turns out it’s not only extremely easily done, but apparently also the best thing I’ve ever come up with (we all know kids can get a little over enthusiastic at times, but I take it anyway ;-)). It’s a great way to use excess fruit which is about to go bad or buy frozen fruit for a sudden granita craving outside the fruit season.

What you need:

2/3 frozen fruit of your choice (for this post I used watermelon (deseeded*), pear and mango, but many other fruits and berries work just as well) – peel and cut into chunks before freezing over night.

1/3 ice cubes

* we thought we'd make a little holiday bracelet out of the watermelon seeds

How you do it:

Simply blend frozen fruit and ice cubes in a food processor until you get a snow- like texture, a bit like a sorbet, but lighter and fluffier.

Serve as quickly as you can to make the most of this ice cold, fruity, sweet and slightly crunchy summer treat.



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