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Mango & apricot sorbet – makes 2-3 scoops

Made of only 3 ingredients, this sorbet takes less than 5 minutes to make and it tastes SO GOOD! I wasn’t going to put it on the blog thinking ‘this is too simple to post’, but when I saw the queue in front of the ice cream van parked opposite our local park I decided to go with it anyway. Children love ice cream (who doesn’t right?) and in this hot weather it’s only fair that they ask for one as soon as they come out of school. There are many different types of ice cream you can buy and some ice cream vans even sell 100% plant based ice lollies free of added sugar, but the vast majority of the kids seem to walk away with a soft ice in hand. Here is what you may find in your soft ice: Cow milk, sugar, cream, corn syrup, maltodextrin (sugar substance to give it a denser consistency), tetrasodium pyrophosphate (emulsifier and thickening agent), mono- and diglycerides (emulsifiers), cellulose gum (thickener made from cell walls of plants, used as stabilizer), carrageenan (extract from red seaweed used for its gelling, stabilizing and thickening properties), sodium phosphate (used as a texturizer, emulsifier and/or leavening agent), potassium phosphate (flavour inhancer, stabilizer, sequestering agent), polysorbate 80 (emulsifier), guar gum (made from guar beans, stabilizer, emulsifier and thickener). It’s a long list and although some ingredients don’t seem too bad (at least they are somehow or other derived from an actual plant) I have a hard time looking past all these chemicals just to make the kids happy for the next five minutes… You can make sorbets from almost any frozen fruit or berries, no added sugar, no chemicals, just tons of flavour and antioxidants.

What you need:

150g frozen mango chunks

100g frozen apricot halves

¼ - ½ lime – juice only

How you do it:

Simply blend everything in a high power food processor until you get a smooth paste.

Serve straight away or put it in the freezer for 10 minutes if it looks a bit on the soft side.



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