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Oat & cashew pancakes – makes approx. 10

Pancake day isn’t for a while, but with the colder and darker weather I crave more warm and filling food – even for breakfast. Filling doesn’t have to mean unhealthy though and once you think of food as nutrients and energy rather than calories (I have never believed in calories as way of determining if something is healthy or not, it’s what the calories consist of that matters) these pancakes are proper rocket fuel. Cashews are high in protein, heart-healthy fatty acids and fibre. They contain copper, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese as well as zinc and iron – all important nutrients for brain health, energy production, immunity and bone health. Finally they are a good source of vitamin K, thiamine (B1) and vitamin B6. Oats add carbohydrates as well as more fibre, minerals and vitamins and the apple puree provides a subtle hint of sweetness, giving us that little bit of instant power to kick start the day. Enjoy with your favourite toppings – I use berries (opt for frozen berries during the winter), almond or cashew butter and a little maple syrup (keep in mind that maple syrup is high in sucrose, which results in a sugar spike in the same way actual sugar would cause it, so use in moderation).

What you need:

120g cashews

120g oats (I use jumbo oats)

300g apple puree (you can also use pear, mixed or mango puree, whatever you like most)

3tbsp unsweetened soya yogurt

Pinch of sea salt

How you do it:

Using a high-power food processor blend the cashews until they have a slightly sticky flour like consistency.

Add the oats and blitz for another minute or two, scrape off anything stuck to the side of the food processor.

Add salt, apple puree and soya yogurt and blend until you have a smooth paste.

Using a non-stick frying pan you won’t need any added butter or oil; in fact I think they turn out better if I fry them ‘dry’.

Use approx. 1tbsp of batter per pancake and fry on low – medium heat for about 6-8mins, flipping them over halfway through.

Serve warm (keep ready pancakes warm in the oven (50-80C)) and with all your favourite toppings.



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