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Super green pesto wraps – makes 2 large wraps

Like so many of my recipes, these wraps are the result of me trying to create a dish with a few leftover bits I have in the fridge, in this case bag of spinach and half a jar of vegan pesto. I was about to make plain wraps and tried to come up with an idea of how to incorporate the spinach in a way that would make it more appealing to the kids, so I thought why not go crazy and mix it all into one - creating a super green and super healthy wrap. It took a bit of tweaking to get the consistency right, but the taste was a success straight away. There’s so much plant goodness in the wrap, that I usually let the kids choose what they want it filled with – for the pictures they chose pan-fried smoked tofu and pepper slices.

What you need:

200g organic spinach – washed

2 tbsp olive oil

100g (or approx. 5 tbsp) vegan pesto – I used “Sacla”

100g wholemeal flour – I used wholemeal spelt

Pinch of salt if necessary

How you do it:

Preheat your oven at fan 160C and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

In a frying pan heat up the olive oil and wilt the spinach.

Transfer the spinach into a food processor, add the pesto and whizz for a minute.

Slowly pour in the flour while blending it all into a thick, green paste.

Taste and add a pinch of salt if needed.

Using a spatula spread the paste as thinly as possible onto the baking paper, creating 2 large or 4 smaller circles (it’s a little sticky and you might have to hold on to the paper while your spreading the paste).

Bake your wraps for 12-15mins, check they aren’t getting too dark and crusty on top as this makes them less elasticated (if in doubt take them out a minute too soon rather than too late).

Leave the wraps to cool down while preparing your fillers of choice.




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