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Vanilla rice milk lollies – makes 4*

*To freeze overnight.

Ice cream season has officially started and if it was for my - and probably most - kids, they’d have at least three a day. This was a special request from one of my boys who loves vanilla and was very much involved testing various different options until we were both happy. It ticks all the boxes, child is happy, mum doesn’t have to feel guilty as it contains zero nasties. Summer we are ready for you!

What you need:

200ml rice milk

1 banana – cut into a few chunks

2 heaped tbsp. cashew butter

1 vanilla pod – seeds scraped out

How you do it:

This is literally done in five minutes!

With a handheld blender blend all ingredients until completely smooth, adding the vanilla seeds in the end.

Fill into 4 ice cream moulds and freeze overnight.




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